How to Lose Weight Before Summer

How to Loose Weight before Summer

lose weightLosing weight is never easy and coming up to the summer season means the
pressure is even more severe as the warmer weather calls for shorts,
skirts, vests and more flesh on display! It is so easy in colder months
to comfort eat and put on a few pounds that stay relatively well hidden
under baggy cardigans and layers of clothing. But when the summer comes
round, what then? In preparation of losing some weight for this season,
it is far better to begin well in advance rather than go on a crazy fad
diet just weeks before you want to step out in a bikini. Giving yourself
time means that you can do it in a healthy way and the pressure is not
so severe.

Diet and Nutrition

diet & nutritionIt may sound almost too obvious to state, but everything associated with successful weight loss
boils down to eating the right amount of the right kinds of food.
Starving yourself or severely restricting calories will not get the
results you want and you will be unhealthy and/or miserable! The best
thing to do is to restrict your carbohydrate intake and also your
consumption of processed food. This means limiting your carbohydrates to
only include wholegrains like rice and bread. Eating these earlier in
the day instead of the evening will also help. Banning processed foods
such as chocolate, sweets, crisps, microwave meals and junk food will
also mean a major difference in weight. How to loose weight means
focusing on eating as much natural and fresh produce as possible, eating
regular amounts of lean protein like fish, eggs and chicken, and of
course supplement this diet with as much fresh fruit and vegetables as
possible. Increasing water intake will also aid in banishing toxins
which can compromise fat burning in the body.


fitness exerciseIn understanding how to loose weight, diet accounts for the vast majority
of success. But exercise is a fantastic supplement to this.
Cardiovascular exercises such as running, swimming, aerobics and
spinning are great fat burners and will also tone up the muscles being
used. Doing this exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes per session
and first thing in the morning will mean optimum results. Your body will
have to use stored fat as an energy source and also your metabolism
will get a great kick-start for the day. Throughout the rest of day, try
to stay as active as possible. Walk when you can and take the stairs
instead of the elevator. Little things like this can really add up and
in conjunction with a healthy and balanced diet, this means you will
look amazing during the warm months!