Perfect Exercises for Abs

exercises for absGetting in shape is one of the most wanted changes anyone could make in their life. Even when someone is relatively fit, they still envy people with great flat stomach. Obtaining the super-fit looks is really hard work, but you can help yourself by doing perfect exercices for abs. Your abdominal muscles will respond well when doing basic sit ups, but by stressing the muscles in a more effective way, you can achieve vastly improved results. To get your abs perfect shape you should use exercise that isolate the muscles your are trying to improve. Top Exercises for Abs 1. Bicycle crunches will hit your abs from both sites and they can be done without any equipment. All you need to do is lay on the floor with your fingers linked behind your head. As you raise your head to crunch, move your right elbow to meet the knee of your left leg. Then repeat with your left elbow meeting your the knee of the opposite leg. Perform this action alternating right and left and hold the crunch at the top for a split second to add extra tension to the abs. 2. Sit ups with a medicine ball are an unbelievably powerful exercise. The medicine ball is heavy and this extra weight is stresses your abs from deep down in the muscle. Start by laying with your back on the floor and with your training partner standing at the base of your feet with your knees bent. With your arms stretched out behind your head and holding the ball on the floor, raise the ball swiftly so that you sit upright and throw the ball in to the hands of your partner. Your partner should then gently throw the medicine ball back to your hands as you are returning to your flat position. This is one the most difficult exercices for abs, but it will provide amazing results. ball abs3. Abdominal crunches with an exercise ball are used to really stretch out the abs to gain maximum effect. By laying with your back over an exercise ball, you can super-extend your abs so that your back is arched over the ball. This will work parts of your abdominal muscles that cannot be exercised through regular sit ups. The larger muscle area your target, the more your muscles will work and the better your results will be. Workout Routine You should think about using a mix of all three of these exercises and rotating them. Even if you do not want to use all three exercises in one session, you could try each variation on different nights of the week.

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