Menopause and Weight Gain: How to Fight It?

menopause and weight gainIt is a stern reality that to many women, menopause and weight gain come
at more or less the same time. Reports show that women gain most weight
just before they get into menopause. The abdomen seems to be the
favorite target area for the extra weight to be deposited. However,
their weight becomes somewhat stable after menopause – provided they pay
good attention to their diet and lifestyle. Indeed, it has been shown
that although menopause and weight gain are slightly related via
hormonal changes, it is the lifestyle factor that encourages the weight
to linger longer than it should. There are also some genetic factors
involved, but for sure, it is not impossible to fight weight gain by
living a good, healthy lifestyle.

Things to Do to Fight Weight Gain

menopause and sportThere are a number of things you can do to fight weight gain, or at least
minimize it. For starters, look for opportunities to move your body
more. Try to incorporate as much physical activities as you can in your
daily routine – like climbing up stairs instead of taking the lift, or
parking your car further than you usually do in order to walk a little
more. It is also a good idea to look for structured body movement
activities like yoga, aerobics, and strength training. It is never too
late to build up your muscles, and strength training is perfect for this
purpose. Good muscles go a long way to help burn calories in a more
efficient manner, and this will no doubt help you control or maintain
your weight.

menopause and healthy dietAnother must-do is to take in less food. Some
reports say that by the time you reach your 50s, your intake of calories
should be about 200 less than the amount you took in the previous
decades. Of course, this does not imply that you can relax on nutrition.
On the contrary, you need more nutrition, but this must come from less
food intake. Do not go overboard by skipping meals altogether, because
if you do, you will have the tendency to over eat later. Instead, be
more selective on what you eat. Go healthy by choosing more vegetables,
fruits, and whole grains. Protein is still needed but take it only from
lean sources. Avoid fats like plague!

Create a Good Support System

Menopause and ageing can be stressful and lonely. Therefore, it is always a good
idea to have some kind of support system – friends and family who
understand you and make you feel good about yourself and the process you
are going through. Being around these people will do wonders to your
spirit and motivation. Remember – even though menopause and weight gain
go hand in hand, with the right system and support, you can go through
it successfully!