How to Lose a Sugar Addiction

sugarKnowing how to loose a sugar addiction can change your life dramatically. When people are addicted to sugar, they will usually be lacking energy and will feel fatigued far more often than people who live a healthy lifestyle. This is because of the inconsistent nature of energy supplied by sugar addiction. People who rely on sugar for a large part of their energy will often suffer from highs and lows in energy and this can impact their mood. How to Loose Your Sugar Addiction Safely People who eat a lot of sugary foods will often be lacking in many essential vitamins and minerals that the body requires. This is because sugar laden foods are can be described as empty calories. This means you will have been taking in energy that does not carry any nutritional value because it is simply sugar. To make the transition from sugar laden food to a healthy alternative is easy when you understand what is contained in other food sources. There are lots of foods that have high levels of sugar, but they also carry lots of nutrients and by moving to these new foods, you can overcome your sugar addiction. High Sugar Foods Fructose is a sugar just like glucose, except it is contained in fruit. Fruit is natures sugar source and all fruits contain fructose. Some fruits are sweeter than others, but nearly all fruits are very sweet when they are fully ripe. This should be the first step to ridding yourself of a sugar addiction. By choosing fruit instead of processed sweets or cakes, you are beginning to take in nutrient loaded sugars instead of empty calories. How to Loose your Addiction completely natural sugarWhen you have trained your body to enjoy healthier sugars, you should begin to reduce the number of simple carbohydrates that are found in fruits. Simple carbohydrates are natural sugars, but there are other foods that contain natural sugars in the form of complex carbohydrates. These are much better for you as they reduce insulin spikes in the blood which causes diabetes. Foods with sugars that are complex carbohydrates are milk. potatoes, pasta and rice. When your body is introduced to these foods on a more regular basis, you will find that your energy is far more consistent. This is because the sugars in complex carbohydrates takes longer for the body to break down and digest. This gives the body a more consistent supply of energy.

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